How Often Should You Be Tweeting?

A recent study conducted by Track Social looked at how often brands should be tweeting in order to get desired results. 

When reevaluating your insurance marketing strategy, have you thought about this factor? The amount of influence you have on your followers and community may be more than you realize. In order to engage and interact with them, you should be following best practices at all times.

The research followed the activity of major brands on Twitter to determine how the frequency of their tweets affected the amount of retweets they received in a given day. The results from the study indicated that tweeting strong and often is the best way to get your name out there. 

This is because the data collected showed that brands who tweeted 2-5 times per day got more retweets per tweet, up to 300%, compared to when they tweeted only once a day. Twitter is a fast moving social media outlet that is constantly evolving. This is why you must be committed to tweeting enough to get noticed by your audience, or your account may suffer.

Furthermore, after 5 tweets per day, the response per tweet decreased, suggesting that going higher than 5 may not benefit your insurance agency. Response per tweet is important to consider because it impacts engagement levels, the visibility of your agency and your message, and your overall reputation. 

Keep in mind that it is the response per day, rather than per tweet, that represents the total amount of interaction you are having with your consumers.

When you decide to tweet, make sure your message is worthwhile and interesting to your audience. It is important as an insurance agency to be saying something relevant and not tweeting for the sake of tweeting. 

 It is possible to increase tweet frequency by managing your time well and altering your insurance marketing strategy. Taking these necessary steps will allow your agency to connect with your community on a whole new level!

Growing Your Facebook Following Effectively

Learning the ins and outs of Facebook takes time. However, patience is key in the process of strengthening this portion of your insurance marketing strategy. Your customers rely on your services to protect them from unpredictable risks. Just like in the real world, the virtual world is constantly changing as well. 

Keeping up to date with the latest news and trends in social media is the best way for you to manage your Facebook page for maximum engagement.

Growing your Facebook following goes hand in hand with engagement. If you are able to grasp the concept of adopting a company voice and personality, then you can reach out to your audience effectively. Having your community “like” your page is only half the battle. 

After they are connected with your insurance agency, you must then keep them interested in what you have to say. This in turn will help you increase your following to your satisfaction. Here are some tips on how you can then grow your community:

  • Share Original, Unique Content
Think of new ways you can get your audience interested in insurance. Perhaps you can add original photos as part of your content. Or you can add an inspirational or thought-provoking quote that represents how you feel about your customers. Always keep it positive, and your fans will respond!
  • Add Facebook into Your Email Signature
A blended insurance strategy is the best way to reach out to your clients. Combining your social media efforts with your email marketing is a great way to engage your audience further. Try to customize your email signature so that it includes a link to your agency’s Facebook page. This way, you will always be on the mind of your customers!
  • Comment on Other Pages
Commenting thoughtfully on other pages that relate to your industry or interests your customers will help you gain more exposure with the target audience. Find complementary Facebook Pages and like them, then watch your Page home feed and comment on the posts. Remember to add to the conversation and authentically build relationships. That will lead to meaningful connections!
  • Run a Contest
Did you ever think about running a contest? This is a great way for your agency to get new likes on your Business Page. You could ask people to like your page to help with a charity cause, or you could give away a prize to your 100th fan. Whatever you choose, running a contest will promote your product or service in a fun way.

It is important to establish a company voice on your Facebook page. Get your entire agency involved so you can add variety and fresh content to the page all the time. Establishing a personable environment will help your customers feel comfortable in trusting the information you provide as well as in your overall services. 

Remember, gaining new Facebook followers will mean you are gaining the loyalty of your community as well!

Take Time to Reflect on Your Insurance Marketing Strategies

As you work on building your insurance marketing strategy, it is important to reflect on what you have done so far. 

Increasing your visibility online and reaching out to your audience is a daily job. However, you should be using the tools and resources you have available to your advantage. This will help you understand the perspective of your community and what they want from your insurance agency.

Reflection of your strategy can allow you to see the positives and negatives of your methods. In addition, you can change your results and create more satisfaction amongst your agency and customers. 

This will help you move towards your desired goals. You should always make time for reflection because it will allow your company to learn and grow for the better.

One way to reflect more effectively is by asking yourself questions. Consider applying the following list to your marketing and social strategy so you can find out what you can improve on:
  • What worked? Why?
  • What didn’t work? Why?
  • How can I use this experience?
  • How does this experience relate to other situations and what can I learn?
  • Knowing what I know now, what would I do differently next time?

When you think more broadly, your reflection time will become much more beneficial. You can even have your team participate in a brainstorming session. 

As a leader, learning and reflection provides you with the powerful opportunity to create a more effective, productive, and successful insurance marketing strategy that you and your community can rely on.

How to Set Clear Social Media Expectations for Your Employees

Social media is an ever evolving tool that many people of all ages utilize now a days. Most likely, your insurance agents use different social accounts to keep updated with family, friends, colleagues, and others. 

However, once you allow them to make a workplace profile or page, it is important to give them the freedom to express themselves, but in a professional manner.

Your customers want to connect with your insurance agency, but they also don’t want to be exposed to inappropriate posts, videos, links, and more. 

This is why setting clear expectations for an insurance social networking strategy in your agency is a good approach to take. Here are some tips on getting the conversation started:

  • Before approaching your employees, make sure you understand why you want to set these expectations. Social media is an important factor in growing your customer base as well as exposing your services to the community. If you cannot clearly articulate what you expect from your team or from the strategy verbally, you are not ready for this conversation yet.
  • Make it your goal to help your employees understand the bigger picture. Establishing different social outlets and creating a voice for your insurance agency to influence the lives of your customers will have a huge impact on your business. Painting a bigger picture will help your agents feel better about the initiative and commit more easily.
  • Sit down with the other people that will help design the social media strategy to discuss your expectations. If you are not prepared enough, you risk being unclear.
  • As a leader, you have expectations of others that they need to know so they can succeed. This is why the conversation about expectations needs to be honest and open to input.
  • Once you have written down a plan, read it over to make sure it is understood and agreed upon. Then make sure everyone involved commits to the strategy now and in the future.

You do not want to cause confusion, conflicts, or dissatisfaction from customers due to disorganization within your insurance company. 

As a leader, you must strive to build clear expectations throughout your agency. Without an agreed upon insurance social networking strategy that both appeals to and engages your audience, you will not be able to continue growing positively. 

Therefore, make every effort to communicate fully and clearly with your team to encourage their personal talents and skills in the social media world.

How Well Do You Know Your Customers?

You may have a thorough understanding of your customers on a face to face level, but what about your community online? This may be a bit more difficult to tackle, especially if you have a large number of followers. 

As an insurance agent, you rely on your customer service skills to interact and connect honestly with your clients. Having this experience will allow you to transition easily into the digital sphere, where you can apply what you know in order to engage and learn more about your customers.

Some important goals to keep in mind when it comes to your insurance social media strategy include learning more about your audience so you are able to better direct your products and services. 

Also, allow your customers to get to know you better, not just as a business, but the people behind your business as well. Did you ever think about whether you not your audience has an idea of who you are and what your values are?

The reason social media should be utilized fully in your agency is so you can really get to know your customers, as if you are reading their minds. Notice that those you follow are always on their social accounts, sharing their every thought, preference, and desires. Use this to your advantage so you can get more in touch with who your audience is.

As for your agency, the more you open up, the better the response will be. What you put into your social efforts is exactly what you will get out of it, so remain dedicated to the community that relies on you the most. 

If you think about it from a customer’s perspective, you would agree that when you know about the people behind the business, you feel more comfortable and therefore, more likely to buy. Try creating posts about employee spotlights and even have agents post on the business page wall.

All of these suggestions are meant to help you work on engaging your audience more fully. Give your customers what they want in an authentic fashion. This will help you create an online presence that is inviting and friendly, which is exactly what you need to boost your agency upwards on the social ladder!