Combine Blogging and Social Media Efforts for an Excellent Insurance Internet Marketing Strategy!

Internet Marketing Strategy

Combine Blogging and Social Media EffortsYour customers are surrounded by technology, social media, and constant conversation daily. In order to keep their attention, you must understand how to engage them through your insurance internet marketing strategy. 

Being a broker

As an insurance agency, your goal is to satisfy your clients’ needs while also offering them the best service possible. One way you can translate this onto your online initiatives is by combining your blogging and social media efforts.

What exactly does this mean? In order to attain success in both arenas, you must learn to socially engage your audience through an honest, unique, and personal voice. This means you cannot be idle on your social or blogging outlets. 

Have a Voice

Instead, it is important to constantly update weekly or even daily. However, remember to not overwhelm your readers and audience, and only give them necessary, practical information that will help them understand your products and services.

Does this sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be! The key to a successful blog is to not be isolated from your customers. Instead, strike up conversation with interesting and unique content by relating your social media posts to your blog content. 

Talk to other people in the business

Combine Blogging and Social Media Efforts
Also, promote other blogs or experts you admire by retweeting, reposting, or mentioning their work on your sites in order to further create relationships. Tell a story to your audience that they will want to participate in. This will allow you to display your knowledge, expertise, and voice to those you care about the most. And they will remain loyal for it.

When it comes to your insurance internet marketing strategy, it is all about interactions and engagement.  If you just post about your own content, you are not interacting and are only self promoting. 

So learn to make the connections you need to incorporate outside ideas, tips, and more to add value to your sites. Also, ask questions to your followers and friends, taking on active participation in their discussions. Remember, the more consistent you are, the more attention you will grab!