Master Your Facebook Account to Improve Your Insurance Social Networking Strategy!

With Facebook updating its site all the time, you should also think about altering your insurance social networking strategy. 

By now, you should already have a set of core friends that you converse with regularly. So what is the next step to take? You must now build your audience by catering to their interests.

It may seem difficult at first, but showing your audience that you are working hard to build and engage them will benefit your results. In addition, some points of focus you should consider when enhancing your Facebook presence include:
  • Create a Facebook page with relevant and targeted people. This way, your account doesn’t look messy or spammy. It’s better to have 200 people that fit your targeted demographic than 1,000 people who don’t. Remember, this social network is about quality, not quantity. You never know, the next like you get could be a new client!
  • Once you have the right people on your page, you must engage them. Talk to your users, post interesting and unique content, answer their questions, and show them you care. Also, take advantage of the new cover photo feature. Adding a friendly picture of your agency will make users feel more comfortable conversing with you.

Support your community the way they support you. Insurance social networking must be focused and not unorganized. Marketing to someone that is not interested in your agency is a waste of time. This is why finding your target audience is so crucial to your success and will ultimately benefit their needs as well. 

Facebook takes time and consistency, just like writing the perfect insurance policy. So put your clients first by mastering your Facebook account!