Positive Blogging Will Bring Positive Results!

Blogging Will Bring Positive Results
Have you ever read an article or blog that just put you in a bad mood? There are millions of negative posts on the internet! While writing in a negative or sarcastic tone may be comical to some, it is usually not the best strategy when you are blogging for your insurance agency. 

As a blogger, you want to create content that is going to catch your reader’s eye and have them coming back for more. A post with negative undertones is NOT going to accomplish either of those goals. Useless and boring posts will actually HURT your insurance marketing strategy.

The key to a successful blog is positivity. A fun, enthusiastic and positive post is going to bring positive results to your agency. Yes, I understand that insurance does not exactly scream “EXCITEMENT!” However, there are a few techniques that I have found to be beneficial; allow me to share!

1: Turn a somber subject into a positive policy. The last thing anyone wants to be reading is a list of reasons why you need life insurance before you die. That sounds pretty rough, right? With a somber topic like “life insurance”, it is important to keep the content light and refreshing. Why not write a blog featuring tips on how to improve your health and extend your life? You can even go as far as to give your readers a few ideas for their bucket list. Find a way to turn a grave topic into a positive and encouraging post!

2: Find an inspiring news article. They say that “no news is good news” and that may be true to some extent, but not entirely! There are plenty of inspiring articles and news stories on the web; you just have to look! A great website to check out is DailyGood: New that Inspires. If you find a story that speaks to you or can be related to a policy, go for it!

3: Be a blog with benefits. If your readers do not take anything from your blog, then what good is it for them to come back for more? It is crucial that you provide your readers with insightful tips, tricks and advice. 

Blogging Will Bring Positive Results
If you are blogging about auto insurance, write about specific ways you can save on gas. If you are blogging about home insurance, offer home decorating tips for the season. 

Motorcycle insurance? Inform your local readers about the best scenic routes! The tips are endless and your readers are sure to appreciate the quality content.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways you can tackle your blog posts. The bottom line: your posts should be informative, positive and inspiring. How else do you think your content is going to be shared?