Successfully Supporting and Coaching Your Employees!

Supporting and Coaching Your EmployeesOperating an insurance agency takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Your clients rely on you to protect them and understand their unique risks. 

As you know, you cannot do this alone. Your insurance team consists of experts who are communicating with your loyal customers every day. 

Whether they are in contact through email, social media, phone calls, in person, or through another tactic from your insurance marketing strategy, you should be supporting and coaching your employees to be the best they can be!

Here are some tips that can help you successful motivate and guide your insurance agents into a great New Year:

  • Build a relationship of mutual trust with each of your insurance agents.
  • Provide your employees with continual performance feedback, both positive and constructive. Feedback should be timely, specific, focused on the “what” and not the “why”, and use a sincere tone of voice.
  • Establish a mission statement and business goals that align with the strategy and values of your employees.
  • Commit to training your team with best practices. Doing so can improve productivity and enhance attitude.
  • Do not let distractions consume you or your team. Check in every so often to ensure that you sustain focus throughout the company.
  • Recruit and retain employees that are passionate about their work.
  • Have courage. Do not lose sight of what it takes to get you where you are going.

Supporting and Coaching Your EmployeesAs a coach to your insurance agents, you should be giving them positive feedback. 

This can help strengthen performance and make each individual feel appreciated. 

Try setting up one-on-one meetings and listen to their concerns, challenges, and successes. 

As long as you remain positive, you can keep your entire agency motivated to help each client with superior service!