How Often Should You Be Tweeting?

A recent study conducted by Track Social looked at how often brands should be tweeting in order to get desired results. 

When reevaluating your insurance marketing strategy, have you thought about this factor? The amount of influence you have on your followers and community may be more than you realize. In order to engage and interact with them, you should be following best practices at all times.

The research followed the activity of major brands on Twitter to determine how the frequency of their tweets affected the amount of retweets they received in a given day. The results from the study indicated that tweeting strong and often is the best way to get your name out there. 

This is because the data collected showed that brands who tweeted 2-5 times per day got more retweets per tweet, up to 300%, compared to when they tweeted only once a day. Twitter is a fast moving social media outlet that is constantly evolving. This is why you must be committed to tweeting enough to get noticed by your audience, or your account may suffer.

Furthermore, after 5 tweets per day, the response per tweet decreased, suggesting that going higher than 5 may not benefit your insurance agency. Response per tweet is important to consider because it impacts engagement levels, the visibility of your agency and your message, and your overall reputation. 

Keep in mind that it is the response per day, rather than per tweet, that represents the total amount of interaction you are having with your consumers.

When you decide to tweet, make sure your message is worthwhile and interesting to your audience. It is important as an insurance agency to be saying something relevant and not tweeting for the sake of tweeting. 

 It is possible to increase tweet frequency by managing your time well and altering your insurance marketing strategy. Taking these necessary steps will allow your agency to connect with your community on a whole new level!