Focused Approach to Writing Content for Your Blog

Managing a blog for your insurance agency may be difficult to do at first. You are dealing with clients all day, bettering your business practices, and working to build a great team of employees. The last thing you may be thinking about is updating your blogging strategy. 

However, in order to attract and preserve your community, you must pay attention to the content you post each week.

The information and stories you include within your blog posts will help determine whether a client of yours wants to spend more time reading, listening, or viewing your entire website, and perhaps fill out a quote. This is why creating unique, interesting content is the best way to catch their eye and get ahead of your competition. 

You have to be willing to challenge yourself while also remaining memorable to your customers. Some ways to spark ideas so you can have a more focused approach to writing blog content include:

  • Reading and conducting research on your industry with relevant publications. If you find a topic of interest, you can summarize your reading and take down your ideas.
  • Brainstorm with others you trust in your agency. Having people to bounce your ideas off of will be beneficial to your creativity. It can also help you improve your strategy overall.
  • Ask yourself question about your topic of choice. Put yourself in the place of your audience and think about what they would like to learn about. This will help you gain new insights to arrive to a more focused post.
  • Interview others to learn more about your industry and gain new ideas. This strategy can also help you network and develop improved content strategies for your blog.
  • Social networking is a great way to share your content after it is finished. You can get a reaction from your community on whether they are interested in what you are talking about. Based on comments, you can narrow your topics or target a certain group for more business.

Remember that whatever content you decide to post on your blog, you must own it. Your goal is to inspire and inform your insurance customers through multiple avenues of your insurance marketing strategy. 

To accomplish this, strong and unique content on your blog should be developed. As you agency constantly changes and grows, your blogging practices should be evolving as well!